Eric Ford Holevinski
Eric Ford Holevinski

Writer/Director Eric founded Hayride Films in 2012 after attending film school. He grew up shooting video on his parents’ camcorder with friends in Michigan, and his years shooting 8mm tape helped to shape his directorial style today. Eric has previously directed shorts and has published several novels including “The Darkness Between the Trees.”

The Restaurant

Andy made a deal with a demon. He manages a small but ambitious Italian eatery called Scoppa. The demon’s black magic lures patrons to the restaurant; in return, Andy feeds guests to the demon, who dwells in the basement. It was all going smoothly, business was booming, reviews were glowing… Until the busboy found out.

Star Trek 420: Borough on the Edge of Forever

Eric developed the original idea for Star Trek 420 in March of 2013, while watching old Star Trek episodes. He noticed that when Kirk and Spock traveled to 1929 in the episode City on the Edge of Forever, they were dressed the same way hipsters in Brooklyn did in the present day. One idea led to another and Eric envisioned a Star Trek parody where the Bones travels to 2008 and gets mixed up in drugs and indie music.

The Online Daters

The Online Daters is a trilogy of shorts created by Hayride just after Eric completed film school. Part 1 focuses on a date between Doug and Carol. They met through the internet and when expectations meet reality, things get awkward. In Part 2, “The Complete Package,” Dana and her friend Elizabeth, both perpetually single, make a pact to join a dating site together. Whoever goes on the worst date gets a bottle of wine. Doug and Dana meet in Part 3, “Second First Date,” a personal favorite of Eric’s.

The Delivery

A frustrated twenty-something finds himself in possession of a valuable item that belongs to someone else. All he’s got to do is deliver it to its rightful owner. Easy, right? The Delivery was Eric’s final film project at New York Film Academy in May, 2012. Eric has kept a dream log for many years and this short was based on one of his own dreams.